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Customer Relationship Management

What is it?

A CRM helps streamline sales, marketing efforts and customer service. By consolidating all communications (emails, texts, form fills), we help you nurture relationships with your customers.

Communication is key
We store and manage all data for every kind of contact, which allows you to communicate with business leads, partners and customers in the most efficient way. Our technology allows for customer segmentation, which means that our team will help you launch highly targeted emails, SMS and MMS campaigns.
Automate many generic day-to-day sales and marketing activities thanks to our CRM. By linking your e-commerce to our CRM system, you are able to define automated workflows, collect data from potential customers, track performance, improve customer relations and boost sales.
CRM - Customer Relationship Management - Marketing automations

SMS Marketing

A very powerful marketing tool
As the opening and engagement rate are much higher than with newsletters, SMS Marketing is a great way to reach your customers quickly, increase Return On Ad Spend and reduce customer acquisition costs. 60% of marketers say it's significantly or overwhelmingly increased revenue generation. Brands see a Return On Investment of up to x78!
A tool for any type of communication
Use bulk text messaging to send your customers exclusive offers, promo codes, news, product drop alerts, text-to-win competitions... the possibilities are endless! SMS Marketing allows you to build loyalty by rewarding your subscribers. Share your message with up to 10,000 customers per hour.
CRM Automations
Launched from the CRM, text campaigns are tracked and customers' responses can be used in automated workflows. Use automations to provide updates on orders, to upsell and cross-sell, and to send a text when a cart is abandoned in your online store.
SMS Marketing

Email Marketing

Send more than a newsletter
Promote your products and services, announce a launch, an event and drive e-commerce sales. The effective way to nurture and convert leads. Also, improve SEO by publishing your newsletter on your website.
Remind customers of your presence
Emails are great for customer retention. Use them often so people keep your brand in mind. Don't forget to educate your audience!
CRM Automations
Fortify your relationship with customers thanks to email automations via our CRM, whether to send transactional emails, to announce a sale or to promote your new service.
Email Marketing

Point-of-Purchase Marketing

Create the need
Used for upselling and cross-selling, point-of-purchase marketing entices customers to buy a product they didn’t know they needed or wanted. Photo and video displays and signage enhance brand awareness and customer experience.
Influence purchasing decisions
Point-of-purchase marketing tactics can be relatively inexpensive and they're extremely effective, as your customer is already interested in your business.
Location is everything
Increase sales of impulse items and items with high profit margins by placing eye-catching point-of-purchase displays in strategic locations. The same applies to your online store!
Point-of-purchase marketing